Heal Your Leaky Gut

About me

Hi! I’m Jennilyn and I suffered with horrible gut issues for years, being passed from doctor to doctor without any answers or resolutions. After lots of frustration, I decided to figure it out myself. Fast forward 10+ years and I have connected with the top 1% of gut experts in the world to give the answers people are seeking around their gut issues. You are not alone if you suffer with gut issues. And I would love to help you on your healing journey! 

I am a certified

  1. Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor
  2. Holistic Health Coach
  3. Metabolic Analytics 
  4. Neurotyping
  5. Precision Nutrition Coach level 1 & 2
  6. NASM certified Personal Trainer
  7. Microbiome Labs Practitioner

My Methods

All Disease begins in  the Gut. -Hippocrates

My methods for healing the gut are simple and effective. They are all backed by scientific research, My methods have also been tested in multiple beta groups with incredible results and testimonials. 

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